Hard Rock Cafe Manager

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Hard Rock Cafe Manager

Location: Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

Job Description:


The Operations Manager is responsible for departmental P & L expense lines as designated by the Resort Manager. Also supports cafe senior leadership in upholding all brand standards and core values, while meeting or exceeding Hard Rock business objectives and service standards. 


  • Demonstrate financial comprehension of the cafe’s budget and P&L.
  • Serve as a mentor and coach to develop hourly Band Members into Hard Rock brand ambassadors and industry leading customer service stewards.
  • Manage labor schedules in line with the cafe’s budget and forecast models.
  • Successfully run a department and/or cost center.
  • Partner across all departments in an effort to support the Band Member in consistent execution of all systems and processes to deliver all products and services to Hard Rock’s brand standards.
  • Support senior management in building a highly functional hourly Band Member who share a common vision and values surrounding the overall success of the Cafe.
  • Foster an environment of customer service in which all Band Member members put the guest first in every situation.
  • Execute established standards for overall guest satisfaction that meet or exceed brand standards as determined by an objective ranking system.
  • Remain an objective observer of the standards of service to ensure guest expectations of the Brand & Cafe are upheld.
  • Ability to engage with guests in regards to music both current and past.
  • Clearly define goals and expectations for Band Member members using performance review tools and hold the Band Member accountable for successful performance.
  • Support Band Member development and advancement along well-defined career paths.
  • Serve as a Learning Coach developing, implementing, and executing learning & developmental programs for all individuals under his/her stewardship to drive continuous improvement and Band Member retention.
  • Possess a self-motivated approach to their own personal and professional growth.
  • Support the RM in building a highly functional team of management and hourly Band Members who share a common vision and values surrounding the overall success of the café.
  • Champion change, ensuring all local and company initiatives are implemented successfully.
  • Work in conjunction with the RM to be responsive and hospitable to guest feedback from all sources, including social media and email.
  • Support Cafe staffing objectives by supporting the RM in attracting and retaining the most exceptionally talented people available in the market and place them in positions that leverage their skills and expertise for maximum impact.

This job description reflects the position’s essential functions; it does not encompass all of the tasks that may be assigned.


A. Balance Scorecard Responsibility

  • Operations Manager is directly responsible of delivering the balance score card designated to the HRC department of the Hard Rock Hotel. Targets related to financial performance, guest satisfaction, team satisfaction and community initiatives will be annually issued by the Resort Manager based on overall hotel targets. Based upon policy in place, evaluated and achieved results of given metrics will lead to a bonus payout.
  • Operations Manager is required to provide regular updates on the results achieved by his/her department to the Resort Manager and to other predefined stakeholders.
  • Operations Manager is directly responsible to ensure that HRC departmental Budget targets including expenses, and payroll are met by the year end.
  • Operations Manager is required to participate on the forecasting process and provide team with required supporting document and data to ensure that an accurate forecast can be drafted.

B. Administrative Responsibility

  • Operations Manager direct report line is to the Resort Manager of the Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
  • On matters related to promotion, hiring, disciplinary actions, personal actions Hotel Resort Manager is the person in charge of providing approval.
  • Operations Manager is directly responsible for the administration of his department. He needs to ensure that his team follows the administrative guidelines provided by the hotel HR team in accordance with the brand requirements.

C. Corporate & Cluster Responsibility

  • Operations Manager has a dotted reporting line to the Director of F&B Operations. He/she is expected to work with Director of F&B Operations and to keep him informed and to seek guidance for technical matters. 
  • Daily, weekly, monthly meetings, reporting tools will be implemented by the Director of F&B Operations to ensure there is synergy among the different parts of the integrated resort. Initiatives that are to be rolled out by the Director of F&B Operations are required to be shared with the Resort Manager of the Hard Rock Hotel for approval prior implementation and roll out.
  • Director of F&B Operations will participate with the hotel Resort Manager to the target setting and mid/year end evaluation of the F&B Service Manager. Cluster Head will provide/share his professional opinion to the Hard Rock Hotel Resort Manager who will then conduct the evaluation based on set guidelines.
  • Operations Manager is the main contact person between the hotel and the corporate F&B team. Regularly, he has to provide updates from hotel operations to the regional HRC Team of Hard Rock International. In addition, it is F&B Service Manager’s responsibility to communicate and escalate in the hotel organization the guidelines received by the corporate HRC Team and ensure that actions are taken timely to meet deadlines.

D. Other Responsibilities

  • Operations Manager maybe required to participate Manager On Duty Program or different hotel committees such as Culture Club. P&P’s in place can provide further information on the requirements and work flows of such initiatives and committees.
  • There are emergency guidelines in place in Hard Rock Hotel and in Crossroads integrated resorts. Operations Manager is responsible to ensure that he and his team understand these guidelines and able to follow them in case of emergency situations.
  • Operations Manager needs to be aware of the local government regulations in regard to data privacy and ensure that hotel remain compliant to such laws and regulations at all time.
  • Operations Manager is required to follow latest HRC Team trends in the Globe and ensure that measures are in place for any global data breach treats any given time.


  • High School/Diploma in Hospitality Tourism
  • Minimum 2 Years’ Experience in the similar role in a luxury hospitality and have worked in resort environment.


  • Analyzing information, planning, decision making, building relationship, communication, resilience, driving results, creativity, problem solving. 


  • Physical ability to execute all required tasks of Operations Manager


  • Minimum 1 year of experience in a similar capacity with a Hard Rock Café

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